Musty Smells Are A Red Flag For Black Mold

Most people associate that strong musty smell with really old homes, but you can get that same smell going on in newer homes as well when there is mold present. Sometimes you can have mold and not even notice a strong smell right away. It’s not always easy to locate mold because it can hide under floors, in crawlspaces, attics, behind baseboards, door frames and window frames. Hidden mold is usually the reason you will finally begin to notice that musty odor and many times it can be the dreaded black mold that is so dangerous.

What Puts Your House At Risk


If you have had recent water damage in the home such as a broken pipe to flood or a washing machine or hot water heater to overflow, then you know that sort of thing can cause mold. Maybe the flood wasn’t bad enough to call Damage Control 911 and you cleaned the water up right away and repaired the problem quickly, so there should be no mold. Water is tricky. If there was enough water to flood a carpet or the inside of a cabinet, there could be mold. If there was a pipe that burst underneath in the crawlspace or in your basement, that can cause it too.

Common Places For Mold

Of course, mold grows most easily where there is a water leak going on for some time that you don’t know about right away. Common places for hidden leaks are behind appliances, behind bathtub and shower faucets that are hidden in the walls. These leaks may only happen when the water is turned on, therefore it can drip a while and then stop. This provides a perfect environment for mold to begin and thrive!

Get a Testing Kit

Now it’s so easy to buy home mold testing kits and set your mind at ease. If you are not sure you have mold growing where that you can’t see it, then get a test kit and make sure! They are inexpensive and accurate when instructions are followed carefully. It can be much cheaper than calling in a professional first when you can do a simple mold test yourself. Many home test kits sell for as little as $30 to $40 dollars.

Which One To Get?

Since there are many of these kits available, you need to know which one to get. The most common types of mold found in homes are aspergillus, penicillium and stachybotrys so you definitely want a kit that can detect all three of these mold types. Some test kits require you to collect samples and then mail them in to a lab. This means you have to wait some time for the results. You can choose a kit that allows you to get your results at home in just a few minutes! Most kits make professional consultation available if you need it.

If your test results are positive, then could be the time for you to call in a pro to help you find source of the mold. Water damage professionals know exactly where to look. They may even do further testing if needed to locate mold. The bottom line is when you are smelling bad things in your home and you can’t locate the source, then you need to test for mold. Any type of mold in the home is bad, but black mold can be deadly! It can cause breathing problems and allergic reactions for your family and pets and not to mention the destructive damage it can do to the home itself! Get a mold test kit and get the results you need to know now!